Friday, 14 August 2009

Hi from me & my pda.

This is the first "new post" to my blog from my wireless pda. So far so good. Beautiful day here in Healesville. Although I'm under the weather Im getting some interesting business ideas.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Look what I spotted today in our lawn!

13th August 2009

Its been a lovely sunny day today in Healesville. Several days of dank conditions have finally broken and its been glorious. The rain's been great and heaven knows we need it. But its been raining for days now. This morning I went over to Gab's place and we hung out, drinking tea and fixing the world. Then off to the supermarket for some goodies.
Earlier I was offered some paid work as a computer trainer, so I really look forward to that. Going to run an "Introduction to facebook" course over 8 weeks starting soon, so should be fun.
Barb's due home soon so better start getting her dinner ready.
As you can see another riveting day here in Healesville. Still, cant complain.


Saturday, 8 August 2009


A warrior should be capable of artfully
conducting his or her life in every action, from
drinking tea to running a country. Learning how
to handle fear, both how to utilize one's own
fear and that of others, is what allows us to
brew the beer of fearlessness. You can put all of
those situations of fear and doubt into a
gigantic vat and ferment them. The path of
fearlessness is connected with what we do right
now, today, rather than with anything theoretical
or waiting for a cue from somewhere else. The
basic vision of warriorship is that there is
goodness in everyone. We are all good in
ourselves. So we have our own warrior society
within our own body. We have everything we need to make the journey already.

From SMILE AT FEAR: Awakening the True Heart of
Bravery. From Dharma Ocean Digest. Thanks.
Headed up to St Andrews Market this morning. 1 degree and pretty chilly. Vegetables were good and so were the prices.
Cold start.
The tents sitting in the cold of the morning.
Some of the market holders start setting up at 4am
This is the crafts section.
Coffee and food are back toward the hall.

Chai tea tent. Bit of a pilgrimage.