Thursday, 13 January 2011

Kindness ATM

I've never fully appreciated the kindness of those around me as Ive gone happily through life. Kindness, as I've come to appreciate, is a currency essential to a happy life. Call me slow.

Like all good things in life, I've overdrawn at the "Kindness ATM" and now its time to repay my debits.

2011 will be my Kindness (kindness with a capital K) year. Its time to repay what has been so generously given in the past. That's not to say Ive been unkind on the journey. That's far from being the case. But others kindness, both previous and current has staggered me with the lengths they're prepared to go to to be kind to me.

With Kindness in my heart, and with a few skills in my head, lets see if we can make 2011 my "Kindness Year" At least that's my goal.

So far so good. Ive helped two distant friends already with their early foray's into the world of computers, and have set them on track from which to explore the Internet. Good luck my grey haired friends.

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