Thursday, 10 February 2011

Bye Bye 2003 Technology

Good Morning
I train in computers at the local Community Centre. (see below)
Yes, those are CRT's.
The computers hail from 2003, you know the ones, Windows XP, Word 2003 etc. The old CRT's hiss & spit when you turn them on. Ah the good old days!
I trained on them with 2 groups yesterday, and they performed OK, just. Therye so out of date its not funny. Two of them "hung" whilst watching an instructional Youtube video. So off to the landfill they go.
I dont know how we got through the last 2 years of training on them, but we did.

And today the money has gone down and were getting a new server and new Windows 7 desktops, up to date processors etc. Well done to those people who worked so hard to get the money. I'll post some photos next week of the newbies. Oh yeah baby.

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