Friday, 1 June 2012

How to Use Twitter Lists to Launch Your Twitter Account

How to Use Twitter Lists to Launch Your Twitter Account:
What is in a list? Why are Twitter lists so useful? When should you use Twitter lists. How do you leverage list building on Twitter? All of these questions should be asked before a person creates their Twitter account. Yet, very few people consider the list feature for anything other than keeping brands or people grouped together. There is more to it than that, let’s take a look.
Perception of Out of Balance Twitter Accounts
One of the most common strategies many users choose is utilizing an automated paid tool to add Twitter followers. Although this is a method that allows you to add hundreds even thousands of followers in a very short time, it is not the most effective strategy. Instant Twitter followings, when you have very few tweets,  is a signal to every user that the account is either a ‘bot or an account that most likely was setup to mass blast broadcast sales tweets.
How to Use Twitter Lists to Launch Your Twitter Account

When launching a new Twitter account the following steps will help a person avoid any perception problems:
  • Niche: create lists based on keywords that describe the niche you are interested in finding. Example: If you want to promote your Mixed Martial Arts gear you could begin by creating lists like “UFC Fighters” and “MMA Fans.”
  • Research:  finding important  information is a very valuable benefit for being on Twitter. Build lists based on keywords that describe the type of information you are seeking. Example: If you want to find information on yoga you could build lists like “Yoga Studios” and “Yoga Instructors.” Fill the lists and then monitor the tweet streams of each list for real time updated news about your target content
  • Monitor: if you are just beginning your Twitter account you should vet the people or brands you are considering following. You can accomplish this review process by building lists and simply monitoring the stream of tweets. The option when you are in your list is to view tweets or the members on the list. By viewing the tweets of the people or brands in your list you begin to understand how frequently they tweet, how active they are in conversing with people, and how valuable their tweets are to your efforts. Most importantly, by not immediately monitoring the users in your list you have the opportunity to gradually add them and avoid the stigma of an account that is out of balance.
  • Customer Service: if you have customers-clients on Twitter, place them in a list. By doing this, you can easily review their tweets all in one place. Twitter’s algorithm is such that you will not be able to see everyone’s tweets all the time. Building a list of your customers ensures you can see what they are writing all the time. By listing your customers, you can vet who you should follow and who is not utilizing Twitter on a consistent schedule.
  • Lead Generation: building quality lists often attracts subscribers. Review these subscribers to your lists for insight- are they competitors, are they collaborators, are they prospects, are they influencers in your niche?
  • Find People-Brands to Follow: once you have organized your lists and started the vetting process by monitoring the tweet stream, you are ready for the next step in launching your Twitter presence. Begin to drill down and “mine” your listed Twitter users. Review who they follow and who follows them. Finally review the lists they have built for more choices
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