Sunday, 7 April 2013

Autumn Begins

Im got my first SLR in 1978. An Olympus OM1.
I've still got it but nowadays its nothing more than a paperweight for which I have some fond memories. Still it taught me a lot about photography. Now I have an entry level Nikon and love using it. Quite apart from all that photography stuff, bling and what-have-you, with my Mother being an Artist, we used to go walking in nature and it was my Mum who really taught me to look, and not just see. So combining the camera with Mum's encouragement, photos took on a new meaning. I'm not very good at it, and frankly I'm unmoved by what others think, but photography became my pallet and the camera my brush, and we were off. I finally felt like I had a means of artistic expression.

For me the joy is to turn the mundane into the meaningful, and expression of simply-felt delight. So the other day when the leaves on the tree outside began turning, I was delighted and became consumed for an hour or so "capturing" the turn of seasons.

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