Monday, 17 February 2014

Camera falls from airplane and lands in pig pen

How cool is this? Think the pig thought the camera was edible. Mmmm yum yum.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Evils of Tap Water

My wife & I don't like tap water. Somethings not right. I'm sure it meets all the public health criteria, I'm sure they've dosed it with all the right chemicals to render themselves immune to litigation. But the water is atrocious to the taste. I've seen enough people get sick under strange circumstances to keep me weary of public tap water. All this is leading to my personal response, which is to travel once a month to the local spring for a months supply or REAL spring water. No marketing here. It really is spring water.

Many years ago I studied and implemented the teachings of Viktor Schauberger. What an amazing man. If anyone understood water, it was Viktor. If you have good intuition, you will find yourself warming to his life giving implosion technology, as I did. I cant say I have good intuition, but I do know when something feels right. I also like that Viktor not only had knowledge, but he actually designed and made machines that provided free energy. He was so much more than modern sciences "Theory and Argument". He made it happen. I would have given anything to be apprenticed to such an amazing person.

Enough insight into Viktors work only heightened my suspicion of tap water, hence my desire to only consume natures finest. I also condition the water at home, in accordance with Viktor's teachings, and my water freely circulates in a terracotta amphora, breathing and spinning its way to health. And when we drink the water, its a delight to behold. Its relaxed and pleasant to the taste. I know the extra effort is worth it.

And today was the day to collect water. It pays to get there early, otherwise you run the risk of getting stuck behind people collecting large amounts of water. The spring itself attracts people from all over Victoria, who like me, make a days outing of the task of collecting real spring water. Its so pleasant up at the spring, that recently I noticed some ashes had been spread just above the spring, I suspect as a last wish of someone like me, who revels in the peace of the spring and its continuous life giving flow.