Saturday, 22 March 2014

Saturday Bliss

I love curling up with my eBook readers on Saturday and letting my brain feed on their contents. Its such a special time to consider fresh ideas and new ways of thinking. Its also good to reflect back on the week and to consider: did I do-well this week? My week are so much happier when I've helped someone else with their problems. When I concentrate on my own problems, its just not as satisfying as the former. Thats probably why I relate to the Buddhist notion of the Bodhisattva. It'd the ultimate "no one left behind" intention. Whilst impractical in many ways, its still attracts me as a life orientation. It always accounts for the happiest times in my life. My personal goal, although I don't always achieve it, is to be helpful to at least one person every day. Someones in a bind or are stuck on something, if I can help then I will. Looking back they're always the best days. Happy days.

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