Sunday, 6 April 2014

Selfies are Fun

It was my Friends birthday last Friday. He's a proper Friend, not just an online friend. So we hung out on Saturday and enjoyed a sumptuous meal together, and told lots of stories of yore, had many laughs and silently admired each other. Our abilities to survive and still smile and share the love. He's a great bloke and his zest for life keeps me young. I hope he has many more birthdays, and many more laughs together.

I really enjoy The Popes selfies. Its so refreshing to have a genuine world leader who less interested in his own self-importance and more interested in the well being of others. So, as we were heading home last night, it occurred that a selfie was in order. I think this photo captures the warmth between me and my dear friend. Happy Days. Happy Days. Happy Days.