Tuesday, 10 June 2014

RIP Rik Mayall

Growing up in the Eighties, Rik Mayall burst forth from nowhere and shared his comic genius. He was a man for his time, and of his time. The world hated Margaret Thatcher, and the youth needed a response to Thatcher-ism. And here it was, in one convenient package. They were brilliant times for comedy, and this astonishing, brash and out-there comedy was just what we needed. You will be missed Rik. Thank goodness for the video legacy you have left. RIP.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Congratulations Daniel Ricciardo

Two nights ago I stayed up for the qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix. Nothing remarkable, and the usual suspects showed up in the usual places. Apart from Daniel. He qualified 6th after complaining about his scrappy efforts.

Come race day (4am in Australia) and everyone clears out as usual. Then the 2 Mecerdes strike the same problem at the same time, and the race comes alive. It was great to see all the calculators come out as the teams calculated how quickly they could catch the Mercedes Team cars and pass them for position. Everyone dug including Daniel, and with just two laps to go he passed The Force India entry. A supreme effort from our Dan. Then with unusual ease he flew past Nico Rosberg into 1st position and the race was his. A tangle between Massa and Hulkenberg ensured he won his first Grand Prix under caution. But, who cares. He did it and the trademark smile showed up in the usual location. Thanks Dan for giving us a thrilling Grand Prix. Formula 1 can be awfully tedious, and then occasionally can entertain like no other media. More please.