Saturday, 26 July 2014

Confuse the Birds

1970s iPhone
As a kid I used to make tape recordings. Once we made a play, and I recorded that. 
I used to go to Stock Cars, and record that. I used to record the bird life around our home, and then play it back to the birds, turn the volume up just to confuse them. Much fun. 
That sounds like me.
This was all back in the 1970s. Dad’s school had bought their first cassette player, and he used to bring it home at weekends for me to play with. Oh what joy. Id spend the whole weekend recording pretty much everything. What fun. I think I only had one cassette, and Id use it over and over. I know Dad used to keep things like that, I wonder if he kept any of those tapes. It would be priceless to listen to them now. I guess we will never know. I still look on cassettes with fondness now. It was a fun time and I still enjoy recording anything to this day. If only I had some of those old recordings. 

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