Thursday, 31 July 2014

Encourage Thyself

As a kid I was desperate for my Parents to encourage me to do something. Anything. So when I said I was going to do something, there would no outward sign that they approved, let alone encouraged. This was very confusing for me. I couldn't understand why they were never behind me. I never "felt" them behind me. This had a big impact of my life and how I approach things. Without encouragement I find it hard to move. The encouragement has to be from significant others, not just anyone. I think as an adult, I've over compensated by becoming very encouraging of anyone who wants to have a go at something. 

Rain developing. Not very encouraging. And there it is again. Encouraging. 

I notice again with myself I'll express interest in a project, then I''ll go into a hibernation waiting for things to improve, whilst what I'm really doing is waiting for significant others to approve and encourage me to go forth. I really must keep this in mind for the various projects I'm working on. I need to encourage myself to proceed and not wait for others.

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