Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Spaceship Earth

I like the Bucky Fuller's notion of looking at Earth as a spaceship.
 Its becoming more apparent these days. With many forms of communication, its easy to hear what others think and dialogue with them. The spaceship is indeed small and connected. There are some players, primarily Politicians who like to fuck things up depending on their personal agendas. Communities, us, have lots of great ideas, and then the Politicians come along and strangle the life out of the good idea. 

The internet is a good idea. For many years Politicians weren't the slightest bit interested in the net, but as the bright minds on the internet have forged on with organic growth and development, they, all of a sudden, see an opportunity for self promotion and control. And along they come with their clumsy notions and ideas, and begin to project onto the internet their agenda for it. Never mind the discordance. And then they try to control it, without acknowledging the natural growth direction and speed of the internet, and wham, the collision takes place.
The internet is only one example. 

Another one playing itself out is renewable energy. Its so obvious now that a focused Government could render its population energy self sufficient within a reasonable number of years, but what do they do? The exact opposite. In our case they redouble their commitment to fossil fuels and fuck all happens. Apart from fouling the atmosphere for everyone. I have a deep dislike for Politicians and now realise they cant be trusted. Period. 

I never trust a man in a suit. Apart from Bucky, of course.

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