Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Squeeze when required.
I reckon we should have a referendum about Politicians. Stay or go. Dump the lot I say. Surely we can do better that the morons currently in charge. I recall years ago some whip formulating a way to solve all the worlds problems. Put all the politicians on a space ship and send them to the Moon. I wonder how they'd get on. Then we as a community, go ahead and get the things done that needed doing. I wonder how long it would take the Polinauts before they started fighting? 

Something I've noticed since the downing of MH17. From an Australian perspective, our Politicians are limited to fairly predictable “statements of outrage” and so on. They don't do anything. Just tell us in their wooden language how we should all be feeling. Bloody hopeless. Send the bastards to the moon. Let them fight it out there. The savings to us, the tax payers would be immediate and substantial.  

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