Saturday, 2 August 2014

Crystal Radio Kid

I loved wire as a kid. We had lots of copper wire in the garage. One of my first experiences with wire was to make myself a crystal radio. I was amazed that it worked and used to lie in bed when I was supposed to be sleeping listening to 2ZB of Radio Windy. Tut, tut. Naughty boy. But the radio had opened my mind to what might be possible. I had normal copper wire of varying thicknesses, lots of plastic insulated wire which I liked to strip at the ends and solder. But it was the shear versatility of the wire. There are so many things one can do with wire and a bit of imagination.

I remember at the time I made my first solar hot water panel. I was amazed at how much energy is available say for example on a roof. I'd spent quite a bit of time on the roof perfecting my hand glider. And I thought to myself, there's so much energy up here why do we waste it everyday? So I cast around the garage in my mind, and saw that we had all we need to make a solar hot water panel. So I got the 4x2, sawed into length, found a steel plate I could glue the tubing to, same black paint, and a clear cover to pt over the whole thing to potentially trap the hot air and give it a real boost. Got it all rigged up and was amazed at the steaming hot water that poured forth. In fact it was too good, and after a while fell apart due to excessive heat. Sad, but encouraging. Since that time I've always had an interest in alternative energy, and would propagate said if the opportunity ever arose.

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