Wednesday, 14 January 2015

How Hard Can It Be?

How hard can it be to set a decent password. The fact that US Central Command had their Twitter account hacked, as we'd say in Australia, someone "dropped the ball". Its so easy to set decent passwords that will prevent this sort of thing happening. Keepass will generate passwords of any length. And there is plenty of other ways of generating and recalling appropriate strength passwords. I find it hard to believe that such an important account should leave the door open.

You could do worse than spend some time over here at GRC's "How big is your haystack", an excellent resource to help get your head around the whole password thing.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


There was a time many years ago when I had hair, and it was boofy. And now with the passage of the years, the guy in the mirror is somewhat hairless. Where did it go? Who's got it now? Can I have it back?
Probably not. Think its a one way street.
Its amazing how important hair is to some people. Recently, after a four year travel stint away, upon return and meeting with said close friend, within seconds of meeting, they were talking about their hair. Hoping to elicit positive compliments.
So much for my efforts overseas.
Of poultry consequence, compared to the mighty hair.
Such is life.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Whats Around The Corner?

I guess its that time of year when we all wonder whats around the corner. What does 2015 hold for me? Will 2015 be done to me, or will I set sail with my goals as my navigator. I know goals aren't for everyone, but I've always responded positively to the goal setting process. I'm currently deciding which of the popular Goal Setting software to use. I'm looking at either:

  1. Goalscape
  2. Joe's Goals
  3. Lifetick
  4. Goalsontrack
I really like the strong visual element that is Goalscape.
But I also like and respond to lists. Goalsontrack is great for that. 
So, what is around the corner for you?