Saturday, 9 May 2015

Salute to The Greatest Generation

I used to listen to war stories when I was a kid. My Dad would tell me all sorts of stories about the war days. Sometimes Id listen, sometimes Id tune out. In hindsight I so regret the latter. The stories were wonderful and interesting, and I couldn't appreciate the magnitude of what he was involved in. He was most moved by witnessing the 1000 plane formations as they delivered their message and payload to Nazi Germany.

Now that he's gone, Id give anything to sit down with him again and hear the stories over. Only once or twice did I bother to record them. I'm so glad I did. My Dad was Churchillian to the core and couldn't wait to stick it to the Nazis. He did finally get his chance, just at the end of the war when he was old enough, and took great relish in his small involvement in The Channel Islands.

The photo below was my Dad just after the end of the war. I salute you John Dobson.


  1. I agree, if only our elders knowledge was recorded. They held a wealth of information we can only imagine from our own perception.

    1. Thanks Lorraine. I miss the stories.