Thursday, 2 July 2015

David Cameron wants to ban encryption in Britain

The American mouthpiece, David Cameron, wants to ban encryption in Britain. Funny I didn't think he was such a simpleton. The amount of commerce and business that would be lost in just a single day is beyond comprehension. The downstream affect on economies would be beyond imagination. Yes I know, life in the 1950s was so wonderful David, all we had to do was bug a phone and go-get the bad guys.

The problem is not encryption of the internet, the problem is that law enforcement, getting lazier by the day, thinking they can use the internet to solve their cases and get quick, convenient convictions. The overweight, donut munching cops is a reasonable visual metaphor. With every successful online conviction they get lazier.
The problem is internet crime, the solution is not slashing open everyone's email and reading it. The solution is doing proper police work. 

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